Timing and Location Help ADHD Brands Reach Target Audience

Important educational resources are delivered at the retail pharmacy shelves


Two different ADHD brands capitalized on the versatility of Rx EDGE Pharmacy Networks by using a variety of tactical approaches in timing, message communication, and selection of store location. Solutions at the Shelf™ programs gave these brands a vehicle to educate parents or prospective adult patients about treatment options.


BRAND A VERSION 1: Parent-targeted

  • Generate brand awareness during product launch

  • Reach a large audience of parents during the back-to-school timeframe

  • Deliver detailed product information about a significant point of difference vs. other drug therapy options

BRAND A VERSION 2: Adult-targeted

  • Generate brand awareness during product launch

  • Raise awareness about adult ADHD

  • Use a “symptom quiz” to drive a conversation with the doctor

BRAND B: Parent-targeted

  • Increase market share by acquiring base of new patient starts

  • Inform parents about the product features, benefits, and competitive advantage


BRAND A first used Solutions at the Shelf™ for a product launch. The communication priority was to convincingly demonstrate efficacy vs. other treatment options available at the time. A list of “questions to ask your doctor” was provided, along with other parent resources. For the adult-indicated version, a unique symptom quiz was delivered to increase understanding of adult ADHD. In later programs when the brand was more established, the focus was primarily on condition education with an emphasis on identifying the signs of ADHD.

BRAND B delivered a free trial offer and used the Rx EDGE program to showcase the fact that most parents preferred it over other medications. Many parents view the beginning of the school year as a “fresh start”, and the messaging for the initial campaign capitalized on that sentiment by directly mentioning the back-to-school timeframe.

Premium Location

A critical benefit of the Solutions at the Shelf™ program is that it gives marketers the ability to target a key audience by store location. Typically, information dispensers are placed in proximity to over-the-counter remedies that correspond most directly with the prescription alternative. There are no correlative OTC products for the ADHD category. Consequently, other factors were taken into consideration such as shopper traffic and demographics.

Brand A Version 1: Parent-targeted

including the aisle carrying back-to-school supplies. Further analysis, including discussions with the retailer, revealed that a better alternative was the children’s OTC cold/cough section near grape-flavored Motrin®. Years after launch, the brand again implemented a Solutions at the Shelf™ strategy. In the later program, information dispensers were placed in the analgesics section to take advantage of the significant foot traffic and large audience found there.

Brand A Version 2: Adult-targeted

This effort was directed to adults, with shelf dispensers in the Analgesics section, one of the most heavily-shopped in the pharmacy. A later program was placed in the Vitamin aisle for the same reason, as it is also a busy area of the store that reaches a healthcare-focused adult audience.

Brand B

Brand B: Parent-targeted took a similar tactical approach, with placement near Motrin® in the Analgesics aisle.

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Through the use of matched-panel research methodology conducted by a third-party research firm, results of the in-store efforts were measured. Script data was supplied directly from the retailer.

BRAND A VERSION 1: Parent-targeted 5.2% $6.04
BRAND A VERSION 2:Adult-targeted 7.5% $6.11
BRAND B: Parent-targeted 4.5% $6.04