Pharma brands find success in communicating with prospective patients through both branded and unbranded programs



The decision to use a branded or unbranded approach is an important one when pharmaceutical marketers initiate a Solutions at the Shelf™ program. Branded campaigns are concentrated on generating awareness about a specific brand and indication. Unbranded efforts, often used during the launch phase, place more emphasis on disease awareness and are highly education-focused, targeting people who may have symptoms but are not addressing them.

Rx EDGE has helped pharma brands achieve success in both types of campaigns. The unique design of the dispenser lends itself well to a variety of communication objectives.

Background and Objectives

Depending upon the way that messaging space on the information dispenser is used, Solutions at the Shelf™ programs fall into three types:

  1. Branded campaigns – Branded exterior messaging space
  2. Unbranded campaigns – Unbranded exterior messaging space and booklet
  3. Combination – Unbranded exterior messaging space and branded booklet

“Fully branded” pharmacy campaigns typically deliver complete brand and indication information along with ISI, doctor-patient discussion guides, patient resources, and possibly savings offers. Unbranded efforts help people comprehend the nature of a condition and gain general knowledge. The combination of the two strategies focuses on calling attention to the condition or symptoms, then directing consumers to a branded booklet that offers specific product information.

The decision among these three approaches depends on the stage in the product’s lifecycle, the amount of information that needs to be presented, and legal/regulatory considerations.

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Solutions at the Shelf™ programs have generated excellent results whether the primary goal is to increase awareness, deliver disease education, or achieve a combination of the two objectives.

Program Type ROI Script Lift
Branded dispenser and booklet $7.91 7.2%
Unbranded dispenser and booklet $6.62 9.1%
Unbranded dispenser and branded booklet $9.06 9.2%

Sources: - Matched-panel research conducted by Retail Intelligence, Inc.
- Patient Value ROI calculated using Rx volume lift derived from matched-panel research, and RED BOOK™ or client-supplied pricing data
Results derived from:
- Branded dispenser and booklet: 56 Solutions at the Shelf programs 2012 – 2015
- Unbranded dispenser and branded booklet: 18 Solutions at the Shelf programs 2012 – 2015
- Unbranded dispenser and booklet: 9 Solutions at the Shelf programs 2013 – 2015