Cholesterol medications find a receptive audience in pharmacy aisles

Three different products in this category have made use of unique Rx EDGE targeting capabilities


Cholesterol-lowering drugs have used Rx EDGE Solutions at the Shelf™ to effectively communicate their differentiated benefits, extend the reach and value of their educational and promotional campaigns, and achieve significant increases in prescription volume.



  • Reach diabetes patients with information about the connection between diabetes and high cholesterol

  • Raise awareness about high cholesterol


  • Directly focus on the product’s differentiated benefit

  • Help prospective patients understand how cholesterol-lowering medicines work


  • Reinforce advertising campaign communication and effects vs competitive products

  • Relay information about the sources of cholesterol

  • Communicate efficacy vs. competitive products

  • Achieve trial and acquire base of new patient starts


Brand A matched its message with its promotional placement in the Diabetes Supply section, reminding consumers that 7 out of 10 people with diabetes also have high cholesterol.

Brand B appealed to consumers who were looking for different ways to lower cholesterol. An educational format was used to explain the way the product worked in blocking the absorption of cholesterol that comes from food.

Brand C implemented a multi-year, multi-cycle effort. The creative communication and imagery complemented the brand’s distinctive consumer advertising campaigns.

Premium Location

Brand A’s goal was to deliver their message directly to diabetes patients who were shopping in the diabetes-supply section of the store where blood glucose meters, lancets, test strips, and other devices are located.

Since there is no over-the-counter product that directly correlates with cholesterol lowering medications, both Brand B and Brand C took other factors into consideration when making the decision regarding store location, and selected the Analgesics aisle.

AUDIENCE: Analgesics are one of the most heavily-shopped OTC categories, supplying an audience of over 262 million in a twelve-week Rx EDGE program. This section of the store also provides exposure to purchasers of low-dose aspirin, which is a significant sub-segment of the category.

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  • Across the three brands, the average script lift in test vs. control panels was 4.6%.
  • Brand C’s long-term effort proved to be highly productive, yielding test vs. control growth in prescription volume every successive year.