Rx EDGE programs educate consumers about respiratory conditions and help to raise awareness concerning risk factors


Solutions at the Shelf™ information dispensers, placed at the pharmacy shelf near OTC products, have given numerous respiratory-focused brands unique access to patients they may not have otherwise reached using other media forms. The take-one inserts within the dispensers provided for a full range of educational content including disease management information, product details, trial offers, and risk assessment communications.


Therapeutic categories: COPD, Asthma, Allergy

  • Stimulate brand awareness
  • Acquire base of new patient starts
  • Grow market share
  • Raise disease awareness
  • Promote productive patient-doctor discussion


Communication strategies included:

  • Delivery of rebate offers, co-pay incentives
  • Conveying critical product information
  • Providing self-care advice and a guide for living with COPD
  • Helping patients learn more about condition
  • Communicating differences among available treatments

Read about COPD and the retail pharmacy connection.

Premium Location

Current and prospective COPD patients and those with concomitant conditions are frequent shoppers in the OTC aisles. Cold and Cough products, often turned to for initial relief of symptoms, are the #1 best-selling OTC category.4 COPD patients with other conditions such as diabetes and osteoarthritis make frequent trips to find the products they require. Diabetic patients spend two to three times more in their local drug store than those without the disease and typically shop numerous sections for their needs.5 Osteoarthritis sufferers purchase multiple solutions across internal analgesics, external rubs, heat/ice therapy and body support devices---all found in the retail pharmacy.6

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Across the participating brands in the COPD, Asthma and Allergy categories, the average lift in script volume in test vs. control markets was 5.6%. A strong ROI was also achieved, with an average return of $7.03.

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