Diabetes category finds a relevant audience in the aisles of the pharmacy

A type 2 diabetes treatment a and glucose-meter product make effective use of the pharmacy as a communication channel


Recognizing the fact that diabetic patients make countless trips to retail outlets to find all the products and information they require, two different brands in the Diabetes category (a Type 2 diabetes medication and a glucose meter) reached a relevant audience by delivering messages in the aisles of the retail pharmacy.


For the Type 2 diabetes medication, the key goal was to educate patients about a once-daily medication to help lower blood sugar. The glucose meter brand’s objectives were twofold: to communicate the product’s unique benefits vs. other devices and, to encourage usage of the brand’s test strips.


The Type 2 diabetes program was focused on Hispanic consumers, many of whom are underserved with regard to education about the condition. The Solutions at the Shelf™ program was implemented over a period of several months in predominately Hispanic markets. The dispensers featured Spanish on one side and English on the other, with inserts in the corresponding languages. Messaging emphasized the brand’s once-daily usage and explained how it worked. The glucose meter brand showcased its benefits and features and also prominently promoted a test-strip savings offer. A cut-out savings card was included as further motivation to take action.

Premium Location

The Solutions at the Shelf™ store network functions the same way as other media networks: space is selected based on where the largest potential audience can be reached. The diabetic patient shops multiple sections for specific and ancillary products. The Type 2 diabetes brand chose the analgesics aisle, taking advantage of the store traffic in this heavily-shopped location. By selecting the diagnostic supplies area for its Solutions at the Shelf™ effort, the glucose meter brand reached a definitive audience of potential patients for whom the messages were particularly applicable.

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As measured by matched panel research, both Solutions at the Shelf™ programs delivered an average lift in prescription volume exceeding 8% in test vs. control panels, with a $8.71 single-script return on investment for the type 2 diabetes product.

The Pharmacy is a Destination for Diabetic Patients

Diabetic patients

  • Typically have co-morbidies and complications that require other treatments

  • Spend two to three times more in their local pharmacy than those without the condition

  • Need a variety of the types of products that can be readily found in retail pharmacies, such as over the counter medications, eye drops, foot care, skin care, oral health products, vitamins, and weight control products

  • Often have built a relationship with the pharmacist.

Diabetes education, prevention, and treatment are at the forefront of many retailers’ efforts to improve diabetes management

  • In-store screenings

  • Health and wellness events

  • Foot-care mini clinics

  • Preventative care workshops

  • Caregiver programs

Research conducted by Retail Intelligence Inc. for Rx EDGE retail pharmacy programs. Average TRx or NRx sales increase during post-installation period
ROI calculated using script lift data and Redbook WAC
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