“Education dispensed at the pharmacy shelf” – Rx EDGE programs deliver educational value for brands across multiple categories

Solutions at the Shelf™ initiatives turn healthcare questions into healthcare answers

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Long gone are the days when patients relied solely on their healthcare providers for information related to conditions and symptoms. Using multiple channels and resources, they now take it upon themselves to learn as much as they can about health issues they may be going through. With access to this knowledge, patients can go into a doctor’s appointment with an understanding of symptoms they are experiencing, and possibly a plan of action.

The Rx EDGE Solutions at the Shelf™ dispensers play a role in this education landscape, functioning as strategically-placed educational vehicles that cause people to take notice and gather new insights. While all Rx EDGE programs have an educational component, this case study will highlight some examples of categories that have placed particular emphasis on the development of patient knowledge: Diabetes, Dry Eye, OAB, Women’s Health, and Vaccines.

Background and Objectives

The pharmacy is a significant communication platform for patient education. “Take-One” booklets in Solutions at the Shelf™ dispensers allow health topics to be presented in a highly user-friendly format. With disease awareness and symptom-finder information within easy reach in the OTC aisles next to relevant products, patients have access to information when healthcare is top of mind. We refer to this as the Mindset Moment™ - that point in time when consumers’ attention is on their health, and they are receptive to information and motivated to take action. It happens in the pharmacy.

Category Educational Communication Priorities
Type 2 Diabetes Emphasize unique product benefits and features of insulin injection
Dry Eye Encourage prospective patients to better understand their symptoms and have a more productive dialogue with their doctor
OAB Increase understanding by focusing on prevalent symptoms and the ability to take control of the condition
Women's Health Generate brand awareness, educate women about the respective conditions, and highlight treatment options
Vaccines Help adults understand their choices in flu vaccines, elevate awareness about recommended adult vaccinations

Premium Location

To achieve the goal of reaching the most relevant audience, decisions about Solutions at the Shelf™ dispenser placement are based on a variety of factors.

Category Store Section Placement of Solutions at the ShelfTM Information Dispenser Placement Rationale
Type 2 Diabetes Analgesics Heavily-shopped section of the store, often Diabetes near ancillary products related to the condition
Dry Eye Eye Drops Enabled the brand to reach an appropriate audience of consumers who were actively seeking solutions for eye-related symptoms and conditions
OAB Adult Incontinence Prospective OAB patients deal with the condition by wearing absorbent undergarments, making this aisle an ideal area in which to reach them
Women's Health Feminine Care The target demographic is found in this aisle; women account for the majority of trips to drug stores and make most health-related purchases
Vaccines Vitamins and Cold/Cough Both sections reach a large adult audience
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The strong educational focus proved to be effective, with the Solutions at the Shelf™ programs producing a significant lift in prescription volume as well as a strong return on investment.

Diabetes 6.0% $7.76
Dry Eye 6.5% $6.78
OAB 10.1% $3.79
Women's Health 6.7% $8.00
Vaccines 19.2% N/A

1 Matched-panel research conducted by Retail Intelligence, Inc.
2 ROI calculated using Rx volume lift derived from matched-panel research, and RED BOOK™ or client-supplied pricing data