Solutions at the Shelf™ Programs Generate “Eye-Catching” Results

Programs delivered in the Eye Care section connect with a relevant audience


By using Solutions at the Shelf™ information dispensers, pharmaceutical brands that treat various eye conditions have gained access to a wide audience of potential patients. These products have seen significant increases in prescription volume and realized high returns on investment through the use of effective in-store communications.


Patient acquisition was a primary goal for all the brands. Messages were focused on helping prospective patients understand their symptoms and have a productive dialogue with their doctors.


Over-the-counter Eye Care products (which include eye allergy, dry eye and lens solutions) have seen a 2.5% increase in dollar sales in 2015 vs. 2014, with total sales of $1.56 billion. Category growth is driven by heightened eye health awareness, heavier levels of consumer advertising behind Rx and OTC, and greater product selection.

The Eye Care section is also a heavily shopped OTC category, with more than 30% of U.S. households buying per year.* With all these “eyes” this aisle is the ideal environment to deliver information related to prescription products that treat dry eye, eye allergies, and other conditions.

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OTC products for ocular allergy and dry eye are often the “first line” of therapy when symptoms arise. A major benefit of the Rx EDGE Solutions at the Shelf program is that it gives marketers the ability to target this audience of OTC users. Within a 12 week program period, the Eye Care section reaches over 108 million consumers who are seeking solutions.

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Results were measured through the use of matched-panel analysis conducted by a third-party research firm. Throughout the monitoring periods, the lift in prescription volume attributable to the Rx EDGE Solutions at the Shelf™ campaign averaged 6.3% across four brands. The average return on investment based on single scripts was an impressive $7.90.

* IRI Group 52 weeks ended 5/15/16