GERD brand uses Solutions at the Shelf™ programs for year-over-year success in a crowded marketplace


By using the pharmacy as a communication platform, a GERD product distinguished itself in this competitive market with an average $5.74 ROI over four years. Through direct association with OTC remedies, the brand was able to make a quick connection with consumers and achieve consistent increases in Rx volume.


Maximize delivery of brand messaging to a highly targeted audience of heartburn sufferers who were searching for remedies.


This GERD product faced a competitive landscape where many options were available to consumers:

  • Pharmacy antacid aisles filled with non prescription treatments

  • Two Rx-to-OTC brands entered the gastrointestinal OTC drug market, accompanied by significant ad support

  • There was strong competition from other branded Rx products in the category, as well as from generics

Premium Location

The pharmacy’s Antacid section is one of the most heavily-shopped, with a high rate of purchase frequency and household penetration of close to 40%. When confronted with acid reflux/heartburn symptoms, consumers often turn first to OTC medications and may find themselves going back to the Antacid section again and again.

In a twelve-week cycle in the Antacids aisle, the Rx EDGE dispenser is seen by 122 million prospective patients and delivers nearly 369 million impressions

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The Rx EDGE program generated incremental script volume in the short term and continued to deliver results for the duration of the campaign.

In a comparison of “Retailer 1” (where there was no Rx EDGE program) to a comparable chain, “Retailer 2” (where Rx EDGE programs occurred over a four-year period), the net effect of the Rx EDGE effort was clear.

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