Retail pharmacies provide a large, targeted audience for Heart Health products


Brands in cardiovascular categories that treat high cholesterol, acute coronary syndrome, stroke, peripheral artery disease, stroke, high triglycerides and hypertension have successfully deployed Rx EDGE Solutions at the Shelf™ retail pharmacy programs to reach a receptive audience. Research confirms that delivering information in the pharmacy retail setting has a demonstrable impact on prescription volume, with an average script lift of 4.6% in test vs. control markets and an average return on investment of over $4.50.


Older adults comprise 13 percent of the population, but account for 34 percent of all prescription medicine use and 30 percent of all over-the-counter (OTC) drug use.1 They are also frequent shoppers, making on average 15% more trips in a year than younger generations.2

In response to these demographic factors and consumers’ evolving healthcare needs, community pharmacies are offering a variety of new health-focused experiences for their customers. For example, blood pressure and cholesterol screenings are becoming increasingly available along with other cardiovascular health services such as smoking cessation programs.

This enhanced focus on wellness makes the aisles of the retail pharmacy an ideal setting to reach heart-health conscious consumers and prospective patients.

Program Details

Category Objective Store Placement Communication Focus
Anti Platelet Acquire new patients and increase adherence Low-Dose Aspirin - Deliver incentive offer
- Highlight brand’s role in post-stent maintenance therapy
- Provide details about how to obtain an information kit and “Guide to Talking to Your Doctor”
Cholesterol Raise awareness about connection between diabetes/ high cholesterol Diabetes devices - Deliver list of “questions to ask your doctor”
- Educate patients about the diabetes/high cholesterol link
Cholesterol Convey brand’s differentiated benefit Analgesics - Describe mechanism of action and differences vs. other products
- Appeal to consumers who were looking for different ways to lower cholesterol
Cholesterol Extend reach and value of print/television campaigns Analgesics - Deliver free information kit offer
- Utilize images from distinctive advertising campaign
- Relay information about the sources of cholesterol
Hypertension Acquire new patients and increase adherence Pharmacy Counter - Reach cost-conscious patients by emphasizing prescription savings card
High Triglycerides Acquire new patients and educate consumers Vitamin/Fish Oil supplements - Provide product specifics and benefits vs. other Omega-3 products
- Provide definition of high triglycerides and associated risks
Deep Vein Thrombosis Raise disease awareness Pharmacy Counter - Deliver information about ordering a DVT risk awareness kit
- Highlight connection between certain medical conditions and health risk
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Solutions at the Shelf™ programs gave these cardiovascular brands unique, targeted access to patients they may not have otherwise reached. Program success was quantifiably measured through matched-panel research with test and control store analysis. The research confirmed that delivering information in the retail setting, when healthcare is top of mind, had a significant impact on prescription volume and return on investment:3

Average ROI: $4.50
Average Gain in Prescription Volume: 4.6%

1. National Council on Patient Information and Education Fact Sheet: Medicine Use and Older Adults October 2010
2. Nielsen study: "Mining the U.S. Generation Gaps" March 2010<
3. Gain in prescription volume: Research conducted by Retail Intelligence, Inc. Average TRx or NRx sales increase during post-installation period. ROI calculated using RED BOOK™ or client-supplied pricing data.