Bilingual program helps diabetes brand reach a highly concentrated audience

Authentic messaging in the retail pharmacy connects with Hispanic consumers and has a measurable impact on prescription volume


Ethnic-focused strategies have intensified in importance in the pharmaceutical marketing landscape. Insight EDGE™ geographic targeting tools were put to good use to help a major diabetes brand reach its intended audience of Hispanic consumers.


  • Increase awareness of diabetes and promote education

  • Reach prospective patients in markets with a high-density Hispanic population

  • Provide catalyst for productive discussion with the doctor

  • Encourage visits to a Spanish-language microsite for additional support tools


The brand team for a major diabetes product recognized that type 2 diabetes is a growing disease state among Hispanics and that the population was largely underserved with regard to educational information about the condition. Understanding the value of reaching Hispanic consumers in the retail environment, they deployed the pharmacy channel to disseminate bilingual educational messages. The program was executed over a period of several months in predominately Hispanic markets, with a Solutions at the Shelf™ information dispenser installed at the shelf near Analgesics products. The dispensers featured Spanish on one side and English on the other, with take-one inserts in the corresponding languages. People and lifestyle settings appropriate for the Hispanic audience were used in the creative to reinforce authenticity. Rx EDGE Pharmacy Networks also supplied translation services through an outside resource so the full range of content could be delivered accurately and effectively.

Premium Location

Rx EDGE Solutions at the Shelf™ programs are typically placed in the sections of the retail pharmacy that correspond most closely with the prescription alternative being promoted. The diabetic patient often suffers from other chronic conditions and makes frequent trips to the drugstore to find all the products and information they require. Consequently, there are multiple store locations that can be considered. The brand in this case selected the Analgesics aisle, taking advantage of the store traffic in this heavilyshopped location. Diabetic patients spend two to three times more in the drug store than those without the condition, further increasing the potential audience.

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Matched-panel research included a control panel drawn from brand-volume matching criteria as well as Hispanic population density factors. The program delivered an average lift in prescription volume in test vs. control of 3.5%, with a strong ROI of over $8.00. Communicating with the Hispanic consumer in their native language was another important success factor, since doing so denotes that the information is worthy of belief and trust.