Insulin Brands Use Rx EDGE Programs to Reach Intended Audience, Convey Unique Product Features

The right patients are found in diabetes care aisle


Pharmaceutical innovations in recent years have brought about dramatic changes in the insulin treatment of diabetes.  There are numerous different forms of insulin available today, each offering patients unique advantages leading to better and more individualized treatment. Two Insulin and Pen brands took advantage of the Rx EDGE Solutions at the Shelf™ program’s large media footprint in the pharmacy, placing their information dispensers in the best possible location for success based on their respective goals.


Both brands aimed to initiate a conversation between patient and doctor as well as accomplish awareness goals. For Brand A, the goal was to convey messages about a re-designed pen. Brand B’s main objective was to inform potential users about the nuances of their man-made insulin, chiefly its ability to be paired with other oral diabetic medication.

Brand Objectives
Brand A Inform patients about fast acting insulin agent
Convey message that insulin is administered with re-designed pen
Brand B Encourage patient-provider dialogue
Emphasize duality of medication


Using a unique approach inherent in the product, Brand A is able to regulate blood sugar in patients with type 1 and 2 diabetes without as many injections, and focused their campaign on awareness and familiarity with their medication. Brand B is a powerful insulin that can be injected once or twice daily as needed. People who have been diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes can benefit from Brand B.

Premium Location

Support products such as glucose testing meters, supplies, A1C test kits and lancets are all found in the Diabetes Care section, making it an ideal location to reach diabetic patients. Brand A’s placement in this aisle allowed for their intended audience of diabetics to discover a two-in-one alternative for multiple diabetes-related symptoms. Brand B’s goal was to educate potential new patients who were already visiting the diabetic care aisle about the brand’s unique advantages.

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Patients took action as a result of the Solutions at the Shelf™effort. Brand A experienced a 4.7% increase in script volume across a 16-week period and a double digit ROI. Perhaps more importantly, many of the new scripts (NRx) were administered for first-time patients. In Brand B, an average ROI of $17.97 was reported, as well as a script lift of 5.6%.