Men’s Health products leverage Solutions at the Shelf™ to raise disease awareness and deliver education about treatment options

Men take action as a result of targeted in-store communications about prescription products


While women remain the predominate household shoppers, men have gained share of retail shopping trips1, and the pharmacy aisles are the right place to connect with them. Products for treating low testosterone, benign prostatic hyperplasia, ED and male pattern hair loss reached a large audience of potential patients in the pharmacy aisles and achieved significant increases in prescription volume.


A key focus of the respective brand efforts was on activating a base of new patient starts by helping men identify symptoms and gain an understanding of the condition. A significant audience was comprised of men who already had an understanding of the condition and were either ready to have an initial talk with their doctors or were not satisfied with their current treatment. For this target group, the Solutions at the Shelf™ program served as an opportunity to convey the brand’s differentiated benefits and provide a motivation to take action.


In most of the programs, calling attention to symptoms was a strategic priority. The BPH product did this in a very direct manner through a headline referencing male urinary symptoms. The low testosterone brand featured a symptom test that could be accessed online and also made a quick connection with patients by reinforcing core messages seen via other channels such as television and print. Following initial launch efforts delivered via shelf and pharmacy counter dispensers, the ED medication shifted its strategic focus to event-oriented marketing supported through in-store displays. To motivate patient action, incentives were also included in the various brand efforts, ranging from dollars off on first prescriptions to offering a monthly savings card.

In all cases, encouraging men to talk with their doctors was an important part of the communication. The information delivered via the Solutions at the Shelf™ dispenser offered the opportunity to separate fact from fiction about certain conditions, help men understand underlying biological causes, and learn more about their treatment options.

Premium Location

The Solutions at the Shelf network functions similarly to other media networks, allowing brands to execute programs in the geographic markets that fit their strategy and utilize appropriate sections of the store to reach their prospective patients. For these Men’s Health programs, demographic factors were taken into consideration along with consumer traffic data. Information dispensers for the low testosterone and ED products were placed in the men’s grooming areas, while the hair loss brand found a relevant audience near specialty shampoos. In order to maximize reach, the BPH brand was promoted in the cold-cough section, which is the #1 best-selling OTC category in dollar sales.

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All of the Men’s Health brands saw positive results as measured by incremental prescription volume as well as return on investment.

Average ROI: $6.532
Average script lift in test vs. control panels: 5.7%3

1. Nielsen Newswire April 2014: As More Men Push Shopping Carts, are Brands and Retailers Adapting?
2. Research conducted by Retail Intelligence Inc. Average TRx or NRx sales increase during post-installation period in supermarket, mass and/or drug outlets.
3. ROI calculated using script lift and client supplied pricing data.