Solutions at the Shelf™ Programs Fuel Outstanding Results for Overactive Bladder Productsv

Programs delivered in the Adult Incontinence section connect with a relevant audience


Many people with Overactive Bladder symptoms rely on urinary incontinence products, such as pads or liners, to protect against leaks. These consumers comprise a highly relevant and motivated audience for brand messages delivered in the Adult Incontinence sections of the retail pharmacy. Several brands within the OAB category have used a variety of educational approaches, focused primarily on symptom recognition, to reach prospective new patients. Solutions at the Shelf™ programs for OAB pharmaceutical products have shown that these consumers are a relevant audience who are motivated to take action when exposed to messages about treatment alternatives.


Acquire new patients and raise disease-state awareness by focusing on prevalent symptoms, driving conversations with the doctor, delivering detailed information about significant points of difference vs. other treatments and savings offers.


The leakage of urine is one of several primary signs associated with overactive bladder. For this reason, OAB brands focused on leaking problems and accidental leaks in their primary communications. Headlines such as “Worried about accidental leaks?”, “Announcing something different for leaking problems due to overactive bladder” and “Struggling with overactive bladder?” corresponded with the placement in the Adult Incontinence aisle, and were also highly attention-getting.v

The inserts contained in the Solutions at the Shelf™ information dispensers delivered a wealth of information for prospective patients: a list of overactive bladder symptoms delivered in a checklist format, a brief guide to facilitate discussions with the doctor, usage information about the prescription products, and prescription savings offers.

Premium Location

A major benefit of the Rx EDGE Solutions at the Shelf program is that it gives marketers the ability to target the most appropriate audience based on store location. The Adult Incontinence section, where such products as Depends and Poise are located, has been a fast-growing retail category, rising 5.3% in dollar volume and 1.7% in unit volume from 2013 to 2014. Growth factors include an aging population (at present, about 12% of Americans are aged 65 and older, with that number expected to grow to 20% by 2030) and increasing demand in the “age of longevity”. Since many prospective OAB patients deal with their condition by wearing absorbent undergarments, the Adult Incontinence aisle is an ideal area in which to reach them.

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Matched panel research was conducted comparing prescription sales in pharmacies that executed the program vs. a control group. Results showed an average increase of 10.4% in prescription sales and an average return on investment of $4.02. The research quantitatively demonstrated that patients who buy liners, pads, and other products are very receptive to learning about prescription medications for OAB and followed-through by visiting their doctor and filling a prescription. The messages were delivered in the right context and at the right time.