Small brands get a big volume lift with Solutions at the Shelf™ programs

Prospective patients relate to messages delivered in targeted store locations


For brands that have limited media budgets or that serve smaller patient populations, efficient targeting is a critical consideration. These types of brands fare extremely well when they deliver consumer communications, product information, and support tools in the retail pharmacy environment. Smaller-volume products in such categories as psoriasis, overactive bladder, osteoarthritis, head lice, and allergy have achieved excellent results.


  • Raise disease-state awareness

  • Achieve trial and acquire base of new patient starts

  • Deliver information about differentiated benefits

  • Promote prescription savings offers

  • Make consumers aware of patient support programs


A patient’s treatment journey often begins in the aisles of the retail pharmacy. When symptoms present themselves, consumers typically first head to the OTC and personal care sections to seek remedies. Millions walk through the doors of retail pharmacies every day, making it an ideal channel to reach people when they are thinking about healthcare. Smaller brands with limited media resources can gain access to a significant number of prospective patients in this high-traffic environment.

Premium Location

A key benefit of the Rx EDGE Solutions at the Shelf™ program is that it reaches a relevant audience based on store section placement. One brand, a nasal spray for the treatment of nasal allergies, made use of two store locations: the pharmacy counter, where the brand offered take-ones with prescription savings, and at the high-traffic Cold-Cough-Allergy section, where a shelf sign announced a co-pay offer. In both cases, iconic creative from television and print efforts was used as part of an integrated campaign. An osteoarthritis product chose the Analgesics aisle for placement of a shelf unit that dispensed product information along with a savings card.

And where better to alert Moms about a prescription treatment for head lice than next to over-the-counter lice-killing shampoos and other products? Similarly, a shelf unit for a psoriasis medication was installed near anti-itch ointments in the Skin Care aisle, increasing the likelihood that the message would be seen by an interested audience. Finally, receptive potential patients for an OAB product were found in the Adult Incontinence section near Depends and Poise brands.

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The retail channel lends itself particularly well to quantitative measurement. A matched panel test vs. control methodology that utilized data directly from the retailer allowed these brands to evaluate results in a statistically reliable way. Incremental lift in control stores, attributable to the Solutions at the Shelf™ program, exceeded 10% on average across all brands.