For vaccine brands, pharmacies are a superior platform for driving awareness of risk factors and vaccination benefits

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Many people possess only minimal knowledge about adult vaccination recommendations and risk factors. Pharmacy-delivered communications are helping to change that by encouraging more adults to receive the immunizations that will benefit their health and longevity. With vaccination services now so readily available at pharmacies everywhere, consumers can take immediate action if they so choose. Even if they ultimately get vaccinated at another location, the pharmacy can serve as a platform to arm patients with practical knowledge.

Vaccine brands are increasingly recognizing the power of the pharmacy as a media channel and as a setting to raise awareness. Brands in four different categories used Solutions at the Shelf™ programs to alert consumers about risk factors and convey disease information, age recommendations, and details about vaccine options.


The four brands shared similar objectives, seeking to raise awareness and educate people about conditions that may be prevented through immunization. However, each took a slightly different approach in their communication strategy.

Category Communication Objectives
Flu Educate people about their choices in flu vaccines
T-dap Elevate knowledge about the dangers of whooping cough to infants and the importance of vaccinations. Unbranded campaign with messaging aimed primarily at grandparents.
Shingles Raise awareness about Shingles, odds of contracting it, and available vaccine
Pneumococcal Communicate risk factors for key age groups and for those with certain chronic conditions


Most adults aren’t getting the message about the importance of vaccines, and many are unaware they need them. Vaccination coverage levels among adults in the U.S. are extremely low for most routine, recommended shots:

• 47% of people age 6 months and older were vaccinated during the 2014-2015 flu season*
• 82% of adults over the age of 19 still need a T-dap booster **
• 75% of patients eligible for the shingles vaccine haven’t gotten it **
• Only 20% of high-risk patients have received the pneumococcal vaccine**

*Drug Store News, CDC: Flu vaccination rates on the rise, 2015 **February 2015 CDC Study

People are often thinking about healthcare in some way when walking through the aisles of a community pharmacy. They are seeking out remedies for themselves or for others, or picking up prescriptions and other health-related necessities. When in this particular frame of mind, they are more inclined to pay attention to vaccination-related messages and take action. Pharmacy-delivered communications about vaccinations can reach a relevant audience, deliver practical information, and encourage a conversation and follow-up with a doctor and/or pharmacist.

Premium Location

To reach a large number of adult shoppers, the programs were placed in the high-traffic Vitamin and Cold/Cough sections.

Vaccination Category Store Section Placement Rationale
Flu Cold/Cough Connection with potential symptoms
T-dap Vitamins Placed near adult-focused vitamins (such as Centrum Silver) to reach substantial older audience
Shingles Vitamins Dominant personal health segment with relevant 60+ audience
Pneumococcal Cold/Cough Heavily-shopped OTC section; ideal location to reach a large population
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Across all four categories, the Solutions at the Shelf™ programs produced a significant increase in script volume, proving that consumers took action.

Vaccination Category Average Script Lift
Flu 21.2%
T-dap 7.3%
Shingles 6.3%
Pneumococcal 6.8%

Matched panel research conducted by Retail Intelligence, Inc. 2014-2015