Solutions at the Shelf™ programs result in incremental scripts and share gain for a Weight Loss product

Information dispensers in the Weight Management section deliver patient resources, education, and motivation


The Insight EDGE™ targeting platform provided a strong foundation for success in a prescription weight loss product’s Solutions at the Shelf™ program. The optimal stores for the effort were determined by using sales data in the Rx weight loss category (such as phentermine and phentermine combinations) cross-matched with stores ranked by their proximity to specified high-prescribing physician’s offices.



Since the brand was fairly new to the market, having received FDA approval only a few months before the Rx EDGE program launch, the primary goal was to drive brand awareness and stimulate trial. This was accomplished in a two-wave initiative. The first wave occurred during the early phases of the brand’s DTC efforts. The second wave was part of a multi-channel marketing plan and took place while the DTC campaign was becoming further entrenched.


For many people struggling with their weight, talking with a doctor about weight loss can be difficult. For this reason, the Rx EDGE programs were focused on giving actionoriented encouragement to potential patients.Two different creative approaches were used. In the first multi-week flight, the headline on the information dispenser’s riser card/shouter posed a straightforward question: “Have You Talked to Your Doctor about Weight Loss?” The second phase of the program featured a spokeswoman recognizable from the brand’s TV and print campaigns and delivered encouragement in the form of a challenge: “She’s Ready for Weight Loss. Are You?” In addition to product and safety information, inserts and booklets inside the dispensers included a brief checklist to help potential patients determine their readiness to take action and delivered details about savings offers and a weight management support program.

Premium Location

Through consultations between the brand team and Rx EDGE targeting specialists, it was agreed that the Weight Management section made the most sense for placement of the Solutions at the Shelf™ device. This section, which includes weight loss/weight control products as well as nutritional drinks and meal-replacement solutions, is a popular destination for people who are seeking resources to support a comprehensive weight-loss regimen.

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For accurate and reliable results, a matched-panel test vs. control methodology was used to determine program impact. The Rx EDGE effort delivered across all key measures of success − ROI, share, and incremental scripts*:

Achieved a Patient-Value return on investment of $2.99

Boosted brand share by 14.1% in the Test Panel vs. the Control Panel
across the measurement period

Generated over 11,000 additional TRx scripts, projected to the full
number of installed pharmacies

*Patient Value ROI calculated using prescription lift data and client-supplied pricing information.
Share gains measured in test vs. control panels.
Incremental scripts based on test vs. control script lift, projected to total program pharmacies.