Women’s Health products reach their target consumer in the pharmacy's Family Planning and Vitamin aisles

Through strategic placement of Solutions at the Shelf™ dispensers, two brands generate awareness and acquire new patients


Two Women's Health brands found a relevant audience in the pharmacy channel near over-the-counter remedies for menopausal symptoms.. The brands achieved excellent results, with an average lift of 16% in prescription volume.


Marketers for both brands had a similar goal: to generate awareness among women and increase their knowledge about the respective conditions.

  Messaging Priorities
Brand A –
for treatment of hot flashes
Educated potential patients about hot flashes and offered a discussion guide to encourage having a conversation with a doctor.
Brand B –
for treatment of vaginal dryness
Delivered a symptom quiz and advised potential patients to talk with a doctor if symptoms were present. The brand also communicated details about the product (a non-hormonal oral pill) and how it worked.


Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases1 – including healthcare. The pharmacy aisles are an excellent place to reach them.

  • Contraceptive and Family Planning products are a key drug store category, growing 3.8% and 7.7% in men’s and women’s products respectively in 2015 vs. 201422

  • Women outspend men by an average of $12.32 per trip33 and account for the majority of OTC spending4

  • The Vitamin/Supplement section of the store is one of the most heavily shopped, with over half of U.S. households buying per year. Calcium and menopause-related supplements are a key sub-segment of this burgeoning category5

Premium Location

The Family Planning and Vitamin sections proved to be ideal locations to reach prospective patients. Brand A treated moderate to severe hot flashes in menopause; women often turn to over-the-counter remedies to alleviate these types of symptoms. Accordingly, information about the brand was placed in front of Estroven OTC menopause-relief products located in the Vitamin section. Brand B treated vaginal symptoms associated with menopause. Its Solutions at the Shelf™ dispensers were installed near KY personal lubricants, a common OTC counterpart product, in stores with high-volume sales. This tactic proved to be a good match.

In a twelve-week cycle in the Feminine Hygiene aisle, the Rx EDGE Solutions at the Shelf™ dispenser is seen by approximately 70 million prospective female patients

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Both brands experienced a substantial increase in prescription volume as a result of their respective programs. A matched-panel technique using test vs. control panels was used to measure program impact6

Script Lift
BRAND A 13.5%
BRAND B 18.5%

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