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To build a solid foundation for in-store pharmacy initiatives, it is critical to identify the best markets as well as the optimal store-section location. Our Insight EDGE™ targeting platform ensures that brand messages reach the intended audience.

Through a two-step planning process, we help you identify and reach the right audience:

Step 1 - Optimize Geographic Locations

Insight EDGE™ database resources

  • Rx product distribution
  • Online health condition search
  • Ethnic audience presence
  • Demographic, geographic factors
  • DMA’s
  • Household income
  • Specialty product CDI
  • Rx/OTC sales data

Client provided data options

  • Managed care coverage
  • Sales representative coverage
  • BDI, CDI

Step 2 - Select the Best Placement Option

Insight EDGE™ database resources

Adjacency to products related to:

  • Corresponding OTC/personal care item
  • Comorbidities

Correlation to:

  • Products that treat secondary symptoms
  • First line of treatment products
  • Shopper traffic volume
  • Audience composition

Client provided data options

Demographic profile of patient

Insight EDGE™ uses O.D.I (Optimized Database Intelligence) which is powered by data from multiple sources:

Google Trends U.S. Census Retailer Data Nielsen Client Provided Data GFK