Our extensive network is the key to connecting prospective patients with your messages

Encompasses close to 30,000 chain drug, mass, and supermarket pharmacies

Represents 70% of retail prescription volume

Covers 29 of the top 50 retailers in U.S. Rx sales

Reaches over 190 million prospective patients

Includes the top 3 U.S. Rx retailers: Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid

Our Networks

Rx EDGE Pharmacy Networks is comprised of nearly 30,000 chain drug stores, mass merchants, supermarkets, that represent 70% of U.S. retail prescription volume and include 29 of the top 50 retailers in U.S. Rx sales. With our Insight EDGE™ targeting platform, we help you select the optimal chains, stores, and markets.

Our portfolio of customized solutions includes Fusion Networks and Specialty Access.  These networks give pharmaceutical marketers access to specific strategically-important market segments.

Fusion Networks

Provides access to specific audiences: multicultural, college students (community colleges, universities), and other target groups

Specialty Access

A consumer communication platform for specialty drugs and biopharmaceuticals, Specialty Access arms patients with practical product knowledge and resources and reinforces unique value messages